“Let’s not forget that the
little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without
realizing it.”

― Vincent van Gogh

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We are a small publishing house in Norway, run by psychologists who have an endless passion for emotions and a humanistic approach to therapy, work and life. Our goal is to make the world a more emotion-friendly place. We are interested in books promoting a deeper understanding of emotions - for old and young readers, and any age in between.

At the moment we have a small administration who have their hands full with our first publication, and two more projects in the planning. Our lovely staff will pack and send each and every book to your home.

We use a certified print house.

  • Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen-Publisher

    Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen


    Anne Hilde is the manager of the company owning Empty Chair Publisher, called Institutt for Psykologisk Rådgivning and head of The Norwegian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy. She is a psychologist, author, and filmmaker, and has produced the popular educational animation series about «Alfred & Shadow».
    She is a mother of three, a person who loves working on her spare time, and a thief who stole her cat’s name and gave it to one of her daughters. I think we can all agree that Alma is too pretty a name to be used solely for one living creature in the same family.

  • Vanja Hjelmseth Author

    Vanja Hjelmseth


    Vanja is one of the owners and head of marketing at Institutt for Psykologisk Rådgivning and Empty Chair Publisher in addition to beeing our editor. She is an author and an emotion focused psychologist, working with individuals and families. Vanja is a delightful person who’s never on time, a creative spirit and the best cheerleader a coworker could have, always up for a new adventure. She is the kind of person who always has your back. And she knows the price of every item in the grocery store.

  • Veronica Lundgren

    Veronica Lundgren

    Web and Graphic Designer

    Veronica is our skilled web-designer, who makes sure that the Empty Chair Publisher website and shop looks pretty, and that all the technical solutions work for a smooth online shopping experience. She has very long thick brown hair, like woman warriors in Viking movies. That has probably nothing to do with her also being excellent at marketing our books in social media. Her accuracy combined with creativity makes her a true gem in our small publishing house.